All About Nails!

by bostonianbrunette

Okay – it’s time to talk about something I take very seriously….nail polish. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve ALWAYS been very picky about what nail colors I find acceptable to wear. They have to fall within one of these three categories:

1. Cream (white or pink based)
2. Red
3. Dark

It’s not like I only own three polishes- I just wear variations within these groups. For instance, in the summer I like to wear bright candy colored reds, and in the winter I switch to darker, more blood toned reds.

I have two sisters and they think I’m ridiculous for my nail color rules, and that I need to live a little. So lately, I’ve branched out. I became OBSESSED with this pale ice blue that was used in the Oscar De La Renta Fall 2012 show. I dragged Jonathan all over tarnation, swatching colors to find the perfect match (the ODLR was rumored to be available on their Facebook page in June, though I never saw it, but will be available in stores in October). Even though I found one that I think matches very closely, and I do actually like the color……nothing makes me feel as good as wearing a nice classic polish color, so needless to say, the ice blue didn’t last long (my blue find was called “Borrowed and Blue” by Essie if you’re interested!).

(Oscar PR Girl)

The point of my ramblings is this – every girl should know how to give themselves a beautiful manicure, because who has the time to go and get one every week? Most of the time I don’t even THINK of painting my nails until 9pm. And a great manicure makes SUCH a difference – it’s the cherry on top of your appearance, it  pulls your look together and makes you look polished (pun intended).

Little known fact – when I was in college, studying Political Science, I also went to nail school on the side one semester, so I like to think I have a few good tips on the subject. And here they are:

*First things first – make sure you do your nails in a well-lit, spacious area. Trying to paint your nails a dark color in a dim room is the most frustrating thing!

Step 1 :
Remove any traces of old polish from your nails with nail polish remover, I like to use a pure acetone remover, because it works so quickly

(Here’s everything you’ll need)

Step 2 :
Push down your cuticles (this includes the little cuticles that grow out on your nails)

Step 3:
Clip off the extra cuticle with a cuticle remover

Step 4:
File your nails. I prefer my nails on the shorter side (it makes it easier for me to type) and to be sort of squared with rounded edges, if that makes sense.

*Tip – start off by hold your file horizontally- now tilt it so that it’s still perfectly horizontal, but at an angle (see picture). If you hold your file like that as you go, your nails will automatically be filed into the perfect shape. The more you tilt the file, the rounder the shape becomes.

For square nails

For rounded nails








Step 5:
Wash your hands! You want your nail beds to be oil free when you start polishing them. Oil will make your polish peel off, so don’t touch your nails after you’ve washed them with your fingertips accidentally!

Step 6:
Base coat!

Step 7:
Apply two coats of your colored polish. Try to use as few strokes as possible. This will help keep a streaky appearance to a minimum. I like to start in the bottom center of the nail, then do a stroke on each side. Get as close to the cuticle as possible WITHOUT touching it. We all know how annoying it is to get polish on your cuticle. And don’t forget to wrap your tip with the polish as well!

Step 8:
Apply 1 or 2 (when I use Seche Vite I prefer two coats – but make sure you apply the second coat while the first coat is still tacky!) coats of top coat, making sure to wrap the tip of your nails with the top coat as well.

*Seche Vite tip – I read a tip once that seems to prevent the polish from becoming thick too quickly- it won’t prevent it forever, but it will delay it:  After you’re done with the Seche Vite and you close the bottle, tip it upside down and wait for the little air bubbles (2 or 3) to pop up. This will help create more of an air-tight seal and prevent the polish from becoming as goopy.

Et voila! Beautifully varnished daggers!

P.S. A little glass of something bubbly on the side, wouldn’t hurt either