Blonde…..But Not Born That Way

by bostonianbrunette

Bostonian Brunette happens to be a bit of a blonde at the moment.  And what everyone needs to realize is – being a blonde is HARD work. All you full-time blondes out there deserve some credit – it’s not easy. I’d consider myself a part-time blonde, because I usually have dark hair, and will probably go back. BUT, while I am blonde, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about what I do to maintain my light locks, because spending a few hours in a salon to turn into a blonde is one thing – but maintaining the color is another. It’s hard! Blonde hair is susceptible to turning dull, and there are certain things you need to do in to keep your color.

Side note – my father owns a hair salon, and is a master stylist. I worked at his salon as an assistant for years, so I have a few good tips on this subject.

First – When you bleach or use any sort of high lift product on your hair, it pulls the color out of your hair follicles and also breaks down your natural proteins. So, you want to buy shampoos and conditioners that focus on ‘restoration,’ not just ‘moisture ‘- moisture means the products will contain lots of oils, and that’s great, but you need products that contain proteins, in order to restore some of what was stripped from your hair.

Second – And this is one of the MOST important tips to keeping your hard-earned locks from turning drab – make sure you ONLY use products that are sulfate-free. Sulfates are one of the biggest causes of color fading. And this applies not only to blondes. FACT – red hair is the hair color that actually fades the fastest, followed by blonde, and then by brunette. If you color your hair AT ALL – you should NOT use any products that contain sulfates.  Here’s what I use on a weekly basis at the moment- I tend to switch up products every couple months, because I find my hair gets ‘used’ to them after a while. These have really helped me keep my light, bright color, and they smell wonderful:
I really like these products from Lanza – their ‘Healing Color Care’ line is completely sulfate-free, and they not only contain moisturizing ingredients, but they contain much-needed protein. I also don’t find them to be too heavy, so they don’t weigh down my hair. (Don’t mind the industrial sized conditioner, my father gave it to me). The purple tub on the right is Phyto-Organics Chromalife Color Lock Mask. This does exactly what it promises – locks in your hair color, preventing fading – and contains a heavy-duty amount of quinoa protein and moisturizing ingredients that restore strength to your hair.

Third – apply a hair mask once a week. This should be a heavy-duty restorative conditioner that contains proteins. Use it on a day when you don’t have to do anything great to your hair – masks tend to be very weighty, and you might find your hair won’t keep a style for the whole day due to it. I’ll usually use one on a Sunday.

Lastly – And this is another tip that’s great for everyone – not just us blondes – a lot of styling products promise to be a heat-protectant for your hair. Don’t put too much stock in this, because protectants, in general, only work up to about 180 degrees – most curling irons/flat irons go up to around 450 degrees. Do you iron your hair at the max temperature? Then your heat protector ISN’T protecting your hair. And honestly – if you tried to keep the temperature to 180 degrees, it’s not going to do much. So, be aware of this – don’t think your hair is safe just because you use this type of product. Don’t get me wrong, I use a couple mousses that promise to protect and I’m sure they work when I blow-dry – but they don’t do anything when I’m ironing/curling. Here’s a look at the styling products I use at the moment, they’re all from Goldwell. Again – I tend to switch product lines whenever I finish a bottle – just to make sure my hair doesn’t become too used to the products.
Keep in mind – I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine, so I always focus on light-weight, volumizing products. The ‘Double Boost’ is a root volumizer that helps give lift to your hair at the roots, the ‘Top Whip’ is a volumizing mousse, I use this on the middle & ends of my hair, applying a golf ball sized dollop throughout, and lastly the bottle on the right is Goldwell’s ‘Magic Finish’ hairspray. This is a light to medium hold spray that I just love – it’s not too ‘wet’ or ‘hard’ when applied. It has just enough hold to keep my style in place, without making me look like a helmet-head.

Keep to these rules and enjoy your golden locks for longer!