Nude Nude Nude

by bostonianbrunette

I was in hot pursuit of the elusive perfect shade of nude lipstick for what felt like FOREVER. Nude lipstick can be so tricky – wear a shade that doesn’t quite suite you perfectly, and you’re the walking dead, but find the right shade and it will complete your look. That said, searching that perfect shade can take FOREVER. But, I’ve found my Holy Grail of nude lipstick, and I have to share it with you – it’s Tom Ford’s ‘Nude Vanille.’ It’s a little pricey, but it’s SOOO worth it, because it’s the perfect blend of paleness with a hint of pinkness, so it’s not draining. You’ll never have to buy another shade of nude again.

Indoor lighting with flash

Natural lighting, no flash

The formula is divine. The Tom Ford website calls it a matte lipstick, but I think it’s more of a semi-matte, venturing on cream. I’ve gone through dozens of other lipsticks searching for that perfect shade, and this is it.  When I’m extra pale in the winter, it will brighten up my face, when I’m on the tan side, like around now, I’ll apply it with a lighter hand and it really pops against my skin, without looking Jersey Shore-ish.

Even People StyleWatch is touting how great a nude lip is this week. Do you have a perfect shade of nude yet?