Weekend Fun

by bostonianbrunette

My sisters came over this past weekend, which is always nice, since we’re all so busy it’s hard to plan a time when we’re all free to see each other. So we decided to go out! We started off with dinner at GEM in the financial district:

Hamachi & Tuna Tartare with Grated Maui Onion Soy, Crispies

Penne Bolognese – Ragù Of Beef & Boar, Cream, Pasta

Pressed Crisp Chicken with Marsala Jus

Prime Rib Eye, Garlic Butter, House Fries

Of course I forgot to take pictures of a few of the appetizers! Everything was delicioso. Then it was time for more cocktails and fun! We ended up at BOND Restaurant | Lounge at The Langham, Boston. FYI – BOND was originally the member’s court of the first Federal Bank Reserve in Boston. Kind of cool, huh?

I LOVE a giant crystal chandelier

We were all mostly useless on Sunday but it was worth it. What did you do this weekend?