Fresh and Fruity Summertime Cocktail

by bostonianbrunette

I usually stick to a vodka soda when it comes to cocktails, but I love to mix it up in the summer. And since I really want to squeeze every last drop out of summer this year, what better way, than with a fruity drink?

1 oz. White cranberry peach juice or cranberry grape juice
1 oz. Nectar Juice
1 oz. Vodka
Ice, ice and more ice
1 lemon

Start with a mason jar that’s a good size for a drink (mine are 8 oz. jars, but 12 oz. would be great, as well). Fill the jar to the brim with ice and add vodka, peach juice or cranberry juice and nectar juice.  Measure your straws so that they’re approximately 2 1/2 inches taller than the  jar and cut them (I am obsessive about straws and I always cut them so they fit perfectly in whatever  glass I’m using. True  fact – I even recently started drinking my morning coffee with a straw. So strange but I love it now). Squeeze a slice of lemon into the drink, stir and serve!

The nectar is heavier than anything else in the cocktail, so it slowly sinks to the bottom, making a pretty layered effect.

Bargain: Want to know where to get adorable mason jars on the cheap?? We snagged ours at Market Basket for a STEAL.

Et voilà, a delicious and fruity drink that just SCREAMS summer!