Guilty Pleasure: Fettuccini Alfredo with Mushrooms Recipe

by bostonianbrunette

Today’s recipe is a bit of a guilty pleasure… but everyone deserves one once in a while. This Fettuccine Alfredo with Mushrooms is surprisingly simple to make, and I receive so many compliments whenever I do. Perfect for a weeknight dinner when you want to indulge. I’ve combined the best of a few recipes I like to form this one, which really works for me.

Total Time: 20 minutes

18 oz. fettuccine
2 ½ cups heavy cream
12 tablespoons butter
Pinch nutmeg
4 minced cloves of garlic
2 cups shredded parmesan cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
2 pkgs whole button mushrooms (I’m OBSESSED with mushrooms)
Salt and Pepper


  • Fill a large pot with water and set the stove on high, until the water is at a full boil, then add the fettuccine. The fettuccine will take about 8-10 minutes to cook.
  • While the water is heating up in the large pot, grab a large deep pan and put it on medium heat. Put about 1/8 cup of the extra virgin olive oil in it.
  • While the pan is heating, chop the mushrooms in half (I prefer to keep the mushrooms large, especially since they shrink a little when cooking, but you could always use pre-sliced mushrooms if you want. When the olive oil becomes thin, the pan is hot enough to drop the mushrooms and garlic in.
  • Cook the mushrooms for about 5 minutes, adding salt.
  • When the mushrooms have turned darker in color, and have released water into the pan, remove the mushrooms, and set them aside- but keep the liquid in the pan.
  • Now add heavy cream and butter to the pan the mushrooms were in (chop it up so it melts more quickly).
  • When the butter is completely melted, start SLOWLY adding 1 ½ cups of parmesan a very little at a time, stirring as you go (This is crucial so that the cheese melts into the sauce and doesn’t clump together!!!).
  • When the parmesan is in, and the fettuccini is ready and drained, add the mushrooms and fettuccini to the pot with the sauce and stir. Add remaining ½ cup parmesan cheese.
  • Let sit for a couple minutes to thicken.

Sit back and ENJOY!