Beauty Bite Review: Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

by bostonianbrunette

I started hunting for Astalift’s Jelly Aquarysta after my favorite makeup artist – the lovely Lisa Eldridge – wrote about it. Trying to find it though, was quite the challenge, as it’s not currently sold in the U.S., but after a little detective work, I discovered that Feel Unique stocks it and ships world-wide, for FREE!!!
I’ve been using this for a little more than a month, so I can give a true review. First-things-first, the texture is very distinctive – it literally feels like you’re coating your face with a thin layer of orange jello – I swear, it’s that exact texture, and little goes a longgggg way. But what makes this product especially unique, is that it’s made by Fujifilm….as in the film company. I won’t get into a whole spiel about the scientifics of the product – Lisa Eldridge clearly articulates that here, but the basic premise is that this concentrate uses the same properties to protect skin that Fujifilm uses to protect their photo film. Film is made up of collagen, which needs to be protected in order to keep it’s integrity, just as our skin has collagen, which needs to be protected as well. Crazy huh?

Since I purchased this towards the end of summer, I was very excited to try it out, since I really dislike using heavy products on my face when the weather is warm. During the summer months, this was really all I needed – I’d hop out of the shower, put this on, and be fine for the day. Now that it’s getting colder out though, I do feel that my skin needs more moisture, so I’ll use the jelly, then add a serum on top (LOVE serums).

After a month of using this, I can’t say that my skin looks any younger, although it has given my skin a certain brightness. But the main point of the Aquarysta is to protect the collagen your skin already has – in other words, to keep your skin looking as good as it does now.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta will run you $45 for a small jar, $120 for the medium and $160 for the large jar. I’d recommend trying out the small size to see how you like it first. Also – if you sign up for emails from, they’ll let you choose one brand that you can always take 10% off for – so consider this before purchasing! Find Astalift here.