All About: Wedding Dress Shopping!

Okay – I’m back and have a GREAT blog post for you (which will hopefully make up a little bit for my silence as of late).

A couple years ago, I got married. And back when I was searching for a wedding dress, I heard about this little place called Vows, in Watertown. The reason I was so excited to look for a dress there is that Vows carries designer label dresses for a FRACTION of the price! Vera Wang! Monique Lhuillier! You can find them ALL at Vows. My mom went with me and I literally bought the first dress I tried on- YES, it was that easy.  I scooped up an absolutely stunning (if I do say so myself) Kenneth Pool dress that was an unbelievable deal. See!:
Fast forward to now – my gorgeous sister Abby, recently got engaged and wanted to go dress shopping – well, where do you think I told her she HAD to get her dress from??!?!! Vows obviously! Nowadays Vows is very popular- we went on a Saturday, and had to wait about 30- 40 minutes for a dressing room- but it was so worth it.  Abby found 5 dresses (the top amount you’re allowed to try on at once) in about 60 seconds flat. When she tried them all on, she honestly could have picked any single one of them – they were all so beautiful- Vows has a WONDERFUL selection.  The dress she decided upon is hands-down stunning, and I can’t wait to show it to you when she and Andrew get hitched this April!!! But for now, take a look at a few of the runner up dresses she modeled for us below. If you’re engaged and shopping around for a dress, I HIGHLY recommend heading to Vows. Try to go on a week-day if possible- it’s so busy on the weekends.

I also have to give a shout out to the very sweet Barbara who helped fit Abby in the dressing room- she was so sweet and helpful. I believe my mother asked her if anyone ever told her she looked like Lindsay Lohan, to which Barbara smiled and replied something like, “oh yes, a pre-crack Lindsay.”

Vows can be found at:
130 Galen Street
Watertown, MA 02472
(617) 923-7587
(don’t rely on their website to see what they have in stock, they get new dresses in so often, they can’t keep up)

Oscar de la Renta Nail Lacquer!

Remember THIS blog post I did a couple months ago where I went on and ON about a pale blue Oscar de la Renta polish I just HAD to have, but wasn’t for sale yet? WELL, guess what? Oscar de la Renta has finally released three nail lacquers that are available as of today, including that blue ( I may make an exception to my nail polish rules for it!). Interested? They’re available exclusively at Who, What, Wear. Click HERE to check them out.

The Best Eye Primer: Mac Soft Ochre

I don’t usually buy into the whole philosophy where you need more makeup to make your makeup last – I don’t wear a foundation primer, and I never used to wear an eye primer, but  a few weeks ago, when I got home from work, I noticed my dark eye shadow had significantly faded throughout the day, so I decided to purchace a cream eye shadow- Mac’s Soft Ochre.
I like it so much I’m now wearing it every day. Alone, it’s the perfect natural shade that just sort of brightens your eye area. It sets to a powdery finish pretty quickly, but still has an oh-so-slight tackiness that really helps glue anything you put over it to your eyelids.

I work under a lot of bright hot lights, and this little baby helps my  eye shadow remain perfect all day. I highly recommend.

Savoring Summer: Marinated Grilled Steak and Vegetable Tips with Zucchini & Squash

We don’t eat steak very often, but when we do, it’s always so good I wish we had it more often! Today’s recipe is a PERFECT, savory summertime meal that doesn’t require a ton of work for a delicious and healthy payoff!

2 lbs Steak Tips
Honey BBQ marinade (or a marinade of your choice)
2 Squash
2 Zucchini
2 Onions
1 pkg Button mushrooms
4 total Red and yellow peppers
Salt and Pepper to taste
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Marinate steak tips overnight or for at least for an hour or two. If the tips need to be cut into smaller pieces, now is the time to do it – before marinating.
  • Take your skewers and set them in a bowl of water before you start preparing the meat/vegetables. They should be immersed for 10 minutes.This is so that the skewers don’t burn or catch on fire while you’re cooking!
  • Chop the onions, peppers, zucchini and squash into pieces.
  • Place a large saute pan and a cast iron grill pan on the stove on high heat. Once the pans have had time, put a little olive oil in the saute pan.
  • Begin forming skewers, I just make an assembly line and put one each of the steak, onions, mushrooms and peppers, then repeat.
  • Put the zucchini and squash in the saute pan, mix so the olive oil coats some of them; salt and pepper to taste. Stir occasionally, and reduce heat to medium.
  • Put the skewers on the grill pan, flipping once (do not flip them more than once, this will dry out your meat). These should be done in approx. 7 minutes.
  • Pile everything up on  a plate and enjoy!

Big Sale:

Morning! This is a website I was previously unfamiliar with until recently, when they had a product I was searching all over the place for that’s not yet sold in the US (I’m just about ready to do a blog post on it and can’t wait because I’ve been loving it). The BEST part about Feel Unique is that they always offer FREE worldwide shipping. Well- right now they’re having a huge sale – even high-end brands are on sale right now: YSL: 15% off; Nuxe (a small French skin brand with a large following) 20% off; Pureology (a hair care brand I really like) 24% off! If there’s anything you need right now (or want!), this would be a great time to head to Feel Unique’s website to check them out!

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